Helpful Google Tools for Your Small Business Website

It’s hard to overstate the importance of Google for small businesses. While big brands are using their big budgets on flashy advertising strategies, Google provides an avenue for the underdogs to get their content out there by optimizing their sites for organic search. It doesn’t matter how big your budget is if your site isn’t coming up in your customers’ Google searches!

Google offers a number of helpful tools to help small business owners turn their sites into well-oiled traffic machines. Two we’d like to recommend that you look into are:

Google Analytics
Google Analytics is all about gaining insight into how people use your site so you can adjust your strategies to keep them happy, and bring in even more visitors in the future.

Use this tool to:

– Learn what content on your site is most popular with visitors, and which content needs your attention in order to improve interactions.

– See how social your site is by checking on interactions like social shares, and see which of your social profiles is bringing you the most traffic.

– Set up and track conversions to see how your visitors are interacting with the goals you set – whether that’s sales, reservations, or filling out a contact form.

Google Webmaster Tools
These tools are a great way to improve your site’s visibility and bring in more traffic from the web’s most popular search engine.

Use this tool to:

– Verify your site with Google so that it can be indexed. Verification isn’t necessary to get crawled (this will happen on its own later if you don’t verify), but verifying does give you access to great tools and products from Google.

– Understand how your site appears to Google, and fix problems that Google may be having in ‘seeing’ your website.

– Take control of how your site displays on Google by submitting your sitemap. Let Google know which pages you think are top priorities and how often they should be indexed. While you’re at it, you can also tell Google how you’d like your URLs to appear.

Today we’re looking at Google tools specifically, but you can get similar functionality with Bing Webmaster Tools. Looking to learn more about SEO optimization for your page? Check our the good people of SEOmoz.


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